September 14, 2017: Meridian Township, Shaping Meridian


Shaping Meridian

Meridian Township is finalizing the 2017 Master Plan, which represents the vision and goals for the future of the township. Shaping the Avenue is working with the township to develop a Form-Based Code (FBC) to implement the community vision for Grand River Avenue and Downtown Okemos.

On September 14, 2017, Meridian Township held an open house at the Township Municipal Building from 4-7 p.m. to introduce attendees to what Form-Based Codes (FBC) are and how they can help to implement a community vision, and preview ideas for a new FBC along Grand River Avenue and Downtown Okemos.


Your Ideas for Shaping Meridian!

(examples from community comment cards)

"Please put the Shaping the Avenue docs, maps, etc. on the meridian township website!"

"Show bike lanes in future illustrations."

"Incorporate the Meridian Township extension of the River Trail info on the maps."

"Have pedestrian refuge islands at the crosswalks."

"Have all the planners ride the #1 bus and bike in the area."


Open House Exhibits: