September 18, 2017: Shaping East Lansing


Shaping East Lansing

The City of East Lansing is finalizing the 2017 Comprehensive Plan, which represents the vision, values and goals for the future of the city. This plan will guide policymaking decisions, focusing on preserving and enhancing the best characteristics of East Lansing.

Shaping the Avenue is helping to implement this vision through new form-based standards along Michigan and Grand River Avenues.

On September 14, 2017, the City of East Lansing held an open house at the Hannah Community Center from 4-7 p.m. to gather input on the draft Comprehensive Plan and initial concepts for a Form-Based Code for the Avenues.


Your Ideas for Shaping East Lansing!

(examples from community comment cards)

"It’s just good to know that a comprehensive plan is in the works and that it will take into account the entire region."

"We need to revamp bus stops and re-do the bike lanes."

"We need some – any – bike lanes to cross Grand River Avenue. There are none, and guess how many bikes cross it every day?"

"Every public space should be designed so that it is inviting and comfortable to sit."

"We need Wi-Fi on the buses."


Open House Exhibits: