October 11, 2017: Creative Placemaking Summit



Organized by the Arts Council of Greater Lansing, the Creative Placemaking Summit brings together area residents, creatives, public officials, urban planners, developers, arts and cultural professionals to foster collaboration, share ideas, inspire projects, instill motivation and encourage action.

Shaping the Avenue took this opportunity to connect with these changemakers by creating an interactive experience using a 4’ x 11’ map of Michigan and Grand River Avenues, stretching from the capitol building to Meridian Township. Attendees were asked to place stickers designating various placemaking opportunities wherever they liked along the Avenue – some even wrote in their own ideas.

There were display boards surrounding the large map, allowing for placemaking ideas to expand to DeWitt, Williamston, Eaton Rapids, Charlotte, Mason, Grand Ledge and St. John’s. The Shaping the Avenue team also invited passersby to write name suggestions for different districts along the Avenue.



Map results:

· 278 people attended the Creative Placemaking Summit, many of them interacting with the Shaping the Avenue exhibit.

· 170 placemaking stickers were placed on the Avenue map.

· 38 stickers were placed on the boards for surrounding communities, including DeWitt, Williamston, Eaton Rapids, Charlotte, Mason, Grand Ledge and St. John’s.

· 31 people wrote in their own placemaking ideas, including recycling receptacles, sidewalk poetry and fire pits/warming stations during winter.

· 5 to 10 minutes was the average amount of time spent interacting with the banner, with attendees thoughtfully engaging in the ideation process.